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Body Classes

The truly amazing body is willing to heal, transform, and thrive. Bodies have an intelligence and consciousness of their own. They can become your most trusted and dependable partner in times of health, sickness, and future endeavors. The capacity to communicate with your body and a willingness to hear what it knows encourages it to become your biggest champion and greatest friend.

There are over 50 dynamic hands-on body processes that unlock limitations in the form of trauma, patterns, and/or predispositions within the body, while empowering better communication with the body.  Changing how the body functions is possible.

Sexualness Institute’s series of Body Classes provide training for these hands-on body modalities.  Each class is three hours in duration and we generally offer two classes per day.  Participants of each class become certified practitioners.  This allows participants to give private sessions to their own clients for each modality completed.

Also available, CEUs for LMTs, LPCCs, and LMHCs in select modalities.

Every Class:

  • Creates More Ease With Your Body
  • Encourages Body Communication
  • Enhances Awareness Of Body
  • Optimizes Movement, Function, & Beauty Of Your Body
  • Is Training And Certification As A Practitioner

*CEU Options Available For LMTs

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