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Welcome to the Sexualness Institute of Santa Fe

A place that celebrates and empowers the natural capacities of sexualness



Is SI proposing some wild stuff? You bet we are. And we wouldn’t be doing it unless we knew it would create bigger and better possibilities for those who choose it.

Come see what it’s all about. A 60 – 90 minute mini-sampling of what our 4-Day Events can look like. Dip your toes in from the safety of a chair and ask questions. We’ll talk about what you can expect from the event sequences, but more importantly, we’ll show you. Get an actual taste of what it’s all about. Dynamic tools, dynamic change.

Snacks & drink provided. 60-90 minute class.

Friday, January 15;  6 PM – 7 PM                Friday, February 12;  6 PM – 7 PM         Friday, March 11;  6 PM – 7 PM                  Friday, July 8;  6 PM – 7 PM


Sexual energy carries an intense, multi-faceted charge, which often times begins in utero. Entrainment and judgment keep the charge going into adulthood.

Can we just dump all of that charge and do something different?

This short class brings awareness to those areas where judgment and entrainment are holding unhelpful sexual charge in place.

Saturday, June 11;  6:30 PM – 7:30 PM        Monday, July 11;  6 PM – 7 PM           Friday, August 12;  6:30 PM – 7:30 PM        Friday, Sept. 9; 6 PM – 7 PM


Please Note: This one hour session covers many topics.  The Tele-Series Clearing Sexual Judgment offers a more in-depth, expanded exploration of each topic.


What is a sexual healer? We’re all familiar with Marvin Gaye’s perspective on the topic, but what do we really know about it?

Recognizing and owning your capacities as a sexual healer can change how you do relationships. There’s no need to give 110% to those around you, while barely recharging yourself to 10% before starting the whole process over again. You are valuable and more potent beyond what you ever imagined. In fact, you just may have superpowers. This class enables you to see yourself differently and see what possibilities open up once you stop judging yourself.

Join us for snacks, drinks, and a cape.  90 minute class.

Wednesday, March 16;  6 PM – 7:30 PM        Friday, July 15;  6 PM – 7:30 PM           Friday, August 19;  6 PM – 7:30 PM

*Please Note: This 90 minute class is a relaxed overview. The tele-series version of this class offers a deeper, more expanded look at sexual healing.


~ ~ ~ ~ New Year, New Approach ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sexualness is one of the most powerful creative energies running through the body. It can naturally infiltrate into all that we do.  Its presence leads to everything we create and generate in the world. Because so much of what shows up in financial reality is intricately linked to a capacity with sexual energy, Sexualness Institute offers a wide variety of class topics. Money is one of them.

What is your current financial reality?  Do you find yourself getting stuck in the same financial pattern?

Do you function from any of these points-of-view?

  • I don’t need that much
  • Just getting by
  • A few extra dollars each paycheck
  • Others won’t have enough if I have more
  • It’s not socially responsible to take too much
  • I don’t have the money.

Are any of them true? Ready to stop stopping yourself?

This one night taster asks you to reconsider all aspects of your life and living where you’ve gone unconscious to “good enough.”


  • Reference Guide
  • Financial Worksheet
  • Financial Exercises
  • Snack & Drink

One Class OnlyFriday, January 8, 2016;  6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


Although sexual being-ness is our main focus, the Sexualness Institute is actually committed to possibility, change and expansion in all areas of life.

Money, sexualness, and confidence are intricately linked. Growth in one area affects other areas. For this reason, we offer a fun way to change your relationship with money.

Retrain how your brain thinks about money.
                Recreate your relationship with money.

Come play Robert Kiyosaki’s finance & investment board game, Cash Flow. A way to maneuver the savvy world of investment & finance without spending your own money.

Begin to see what limitations block your ability to attract, have, and enjoy money. Additionally, you’ll:

Look At Your Financial Reality
Change What Isn’t Working
Clear Financial Limitations
Build Financial Acuity
Design a New Reality with Money

If points-of-view around finance, money & investing create reality, what financial reality are you functioning from?

  • Is money a friend or a foe or merely an acquaintance?
  • What programming around money have you bought into
  • What do you love about having no money?
  • Is there such thing as too much money?

Once a month. Games begin at 6:00 PM and last between two & three hours.  Venue announced upon registration.  Appetizers provided.

Monday, January 11          Tuesday, February 9          Thursday, March 10       Wednesday, April 13         Tuesday, May 31                Tuesday, June 7                     Thursday, July 7                Monday, August 8              Wednesday, Sept. 7         Tuesday, October 4           Monday, November 7         Friday, December 9

1 for $45
3 for $120
12 for $395

The Touch That Heals and Creates

Bodies love to touch and be touched.

Unfortunately and for many different reasons, touch has become aligned with an unsavory reputation in our society.  Many of us walk around with barriers up and closed off to different possibilities.

Sexualness Institute introduces a three-part training that aims to change how we perceive and receive touch.

Part One: The Touch That Heals and Creates

Discover from where you and your body function with regards to touch. Do any of these terms apply to you:  inappropriate, harsh, abuse, rough, pain, gateway-to-worse, guarded, judge-able offense?

During this class, we untie any knots and points of reference you may have around touch.  We engage the body to feel safe, nurtured, and honored through touch, while empowering it with awareness. Part One serves as a baseline.

2 Day Training Includes:

  • Reference Guide
  • Energy Exercises
  • Skin Scan Exercise
  • Breakfast, All Day Snacks, and Drinks

Pre-requisites:    Taster   OR   Healing Sexual Judgment   OR   Sexual Healing Superpower  April 23 – 24, 2016            July 23 – 24, 2016

Part Two: The Touch That Heals and Creates

Create more comfort and awareness around touch. This level of training introduces new ideas around intimacy, boundaries, and body communication.

2.5 Day Training Includes:

  • Reference Guide
  • Certification as Practitioner in One Modality (MTVSS)
  • Energy Exercises
  • Light Touch Exercises with Facilitation
  • Facilitation Tools to Use After Training
  • Breakfast, All Day Snacks, and Drinks

September 23 – 25, 2016

Part Three: The Touch That Heals and Creates

Sexualness Institute’s third installment of The Touch that Heals and Creates brings in more playfulness, lightness, and possibility. Building on all tools from the previous two training courses, we see the body loosen up and a new capacity for healing shows up.

2.5 Day Training Includes:

  • Reference Guides
  • Certification as Practitioner in One Modality (Circuitry)
  • Body Scan Exercise
  • Body Conscious Exercise
  • Breast Massage
  • Prostate Massage
  • Breakfast, All Day Snacks, and Drinks

Dates to Be Announced

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