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Welcome to the Sexualness Institute of Santa Fe

A place that celebrates and empowers the natural capacities of sexualness


Intrigue of Sexualness

In this tele-series we shine awareness on all things sexualness.

Once you become familiar with the energy of sexualness, you can then look at how it shows up in your body, choices, interactions, relationships, and life.  Once you’re aware of how it shows up, you can ask it to really work for you and create more with you.

This tele-series aims to reintroduce you to your sexual energy, then build your skills and capacities with it as you move forward creating a life of your choosing.

All Tele-Calls Include Class Recording & Clearing Loop

Series of 3 calls    February 1, 8, 15;    5 PM – 6 PM


Sexual Healing Superpower

What is a sexual healer? We’re all familiar with Marvin Gaye’s perspective on the topic, but what do we really know about it?

Recognizing and owning your capacities as a sexual healer can change how you do relationships. There’s no need to give 110% to those around you, while barely recharging yourself to 10% before starting the whole process over again. You are valuable and more potent beyond what you ever imagined. In fact, you just may have superpowers. This class enables you to see yourself differently and see what possibilities open up once you stop judging yourself.
All Tele-Calls Include Class Recording & Clearing Loop

Series of 4 calls      First Sundays June – September;  4 PM – 5 PM

Clearing Sexual Judgments

Whenever judgment is present, limitation exists. And it shows up in the most unlikely of places.

For one hour, once a month, let’s bring our awareness to the places judgment has stopped the flow and progression of life.

This tele-class targets all the places we have judgment around sexual energy – both good and bad judgments.  Bringing awareness to what limitations are born from judgment while simultaneously clearing it will allow you to make a different choice.
All Tele-Calls Include Class Recording & Clearing Loop

Series of 4 calls     Sundays March/April; 4 PM – 5 PM     Mondays October; 6 PM – 7 PM

Body Partnership

It is not a body-friendly planet we live on. As much as we deny the power of suggestion having any impact on us, it sure does run our thoughts and opinions of bodies.

Everyday, everywhere you are bombarded with images of perfection. And these images rarely include finding the joy the body has to offer.

Your body is a life-long companion. How does hating it, judging it, and always wishing it were different contribute to living?

This tele-class aims to change body-abuse to body-adoration. We look at the ways bodies communicate, create, and nurture us. What if you liked your body?

Series of 3 consecutive calls.  

Monday, May 2;    Tuesday, May 3;    Wednesday, May 4      4 PM – 5 PM   

Monday, Sept. 12;    Tuesday, Sept. 13;    Wednesday, Sept. 14    3 PM – 4 PM

Monday, Dec. 5;    Tuesday, Dec. 6;    Wednesday, Dec. 7       10 AM – 11 AM

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